TKS Bootcamp™ Bundles can be purchased as a whole Bundle at a 25% discount

The entire TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum is available in one bundle & priced at a 25% savings over purchasing them individually! This bundle gives you a research based & classroom proven math & literacy curriculum for the entire year.

The TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum allows your students to focus on learning because the process and expectations remain the same all year long. The consistency gives students the confidence to learn the skills in each BOOTCAMP!

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The Curriculum

Data & Research

Why It Works

Classroom Proven

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Data Supported

The TKS Bootcamp curriculum is based on fully-support research and data. It works!

Year-long Curriculum

Plenty of materials to work all year.

Fun and engaging

Designed to capture the attention of kids in this captive age of learning

Comprehenisve Curriculum

From letters and sounds, through math and shapes, we cover all the major areas.

Online Materials

Easily download your materials and save them to your computer for future access at your fingertips

Age appropriate

Geared and structured to keep kids engaged throughout the year.

Build peer network

Attend one of our conference or events and meet other teachers just like you.


Countless testimonials to support how effective TKS Bootcamp has been in their classrooms.

Classroom Proven

Teachers thrive on this stuff… the numbers don't lie.

In a blind study of over 200 classrooms, with an average of 19 students per classroom, conducted at the conclusion of of the 2016-2017 school year, the following results were achieved in ONLY 26 days:









What teachers are saying about the TKS Bootcamp curriculum…

"I started with ABC Bootcamp a couple of years ago and my students SOARED! My data was absolutely through the roof!!"

Edwin G. Hendersonville, TN

"All levels ofliteracy add so much depth to the discssion, I wouldn't do it any ther way."

Kristen F. Birmingham, Al

"I love all the hands on things that go along with introducing students their letter and sounds"

Allison S. Bowling Green, KY

"ABC Bootcamp has truely set apart my students from the rest. Pairing with ESGI has made testing so easy too."

Hope W. Pegram, TN

"AMAZING!!! I love this program and so do my kiddos! Between the achor charts and making our hats, they really get into it and thrive"

Jason T. Nashville, TN

"ABC Bootcamp has completely changed the start of my school year! Forget doing a letter a week… my students know their letters and sounds by the end of the first 9 weeks."

Judy B. Nashville, TN

The Curriculum

Covering all topics, and having fun while doing it.

These research based strategies are classroom proven, and designed to be completely flexible.

The curriculum includes a complete Scope & Sequence to keep you on pace.

Our Background

Just the right mix of know-how, spunkiness and street cred… in Kindergarten

Howdy! I am Mr. Greg

Greg Smedley-Warren

Most folks know me from my blog,  The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. My real name is Greg Smedley-Warren. I have been teaching since 2006.

As a full time educator in an ELL classroom, I know the importance of strong math and literacy skills for my students. I created the TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum to be a rigorous, engaging and developmentally appropriate way for my students to master literacy and math skills.

Why create TKS Bootcamp?

The kids are what drive me to continue my growth as a teacher and person. I have a monthly broadcast on YouTube called Submission for Smorgie LIVE. I enjoy blogging, creating curriculum and resources for my classroom and conducting professional development sessions to help teachers around the world make their classrooms a more fun, effective and interactive place to teach.

Quick facts about Greg

12+ years classroom experience

Active ELL classroom teacher

Host 12-18 conference per year

Based in Nashville, TN (howdy ya'll)