TKS Bootcamp™ Bundles can be purchased as a whole Bundle at a 25% discount

The entire TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum is available in one bundle & priced at a 25% savings over purchasing them individually! This bundle gives you a research based & classroom proven math & literacy curriculum for the entire year.

The TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum allows your students to focus on learning because the process and expectations remain the same all year long. The consistency gives students the confidence to learn the skills in each BOOTCAMP!

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The Curriculum - TKS Bootcamp

The Curriculum

A year long math and literacy curriculum

The TKS Bootcamp curriculum is a year long math and literacy curriculum created by a full time kindergarten teacher. These research based strategies are classroom proven, and designed to be completely flexible. The TKS Bootcamp can be adapted to meet any classroom, school and district needs.


ABC Bootcamp
Word Family Bootcamp
Blends Bootcamp
Vowels Bootcamp
Vowel Teams Bootcamp
Numbers Bootcamp
Shapes Bootcamp
Addition Bootcamp
Subtraction Bootcamp