TKS Bootcamp™ Bundles can be purchased as a whole Bundle at a 25% discount

The entire TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum is available in one bundle & priced at a 25% savings over purchasing them individually! This bundle gives you a research based & classroom proven math & literacy curriculum for the entire year.

The TKS Bootcamp™ curriculum allows your students to focus on learning because the process and expectations remain the same all year long. The consistency gives students the confidence to learn the skills in each BOOTCAMP!

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Vowel Teams Bootcamp

Students will gain hands on experience with 18 different vowel teams


TKS Bootcamp’s Vowel Teams Bootcamp is designed to introduce and practice reading, building, and writing words with vowel teams and r controlled vowels. Students will gain hands on experience with 18 different vowel teams. This resource is designed for whole group and small group instruction and includes centers for individual practice.

You will begin with whole group circle charts. Students will come up with words for the vowel team and you (teacher) will draw the word. Then you will have students spell the words using sounds and vowel teams and you will write the word. You can then have students complete their own vowel team circle charts student books. The student books are also a great RTI or intervention tool. There is also a whole group word building activity to work on building words with blends in a whole group or small group setting.

Students can then practice vowel teams during centers with the included center activities.



  • Circle charts
  • Student books
  • Vowel teams Writing
  • Pocket Chart Word Building Cards
  • Vowel Team Sorts
  • Vowel Team Cut And Paste
  • Centers/workstations
  • Decodable Reader (421 Pages)

Themes Available:

  • Safari Theme
  • Army Theme
  • Superhero Theme
  • Monster Theme
  • No Theme

Preview Video

I love how everything is laid out for you and so easy to follow. The hats are absolutely amazing! It is so much better and interactive than just doing a letter worksheet. Thank you for an awesome product!

Whitney A.

One of the best resources I have ever purchased for my classroom!

Hollie P.

I have said it more than one, that ABC Bootcamp is awesome. This is only my second year using it, but it won’ the my last. I get so excited to watch my class brainstorm words while using the circle maps.

Kim G.

Powerful and fun learning! The kiddos actively and enthusiastically participate in phonics and read instruction.

Dorothy R.

LOVE THIS! It has changed my game in introducing letters/letter sounds.

Kristin B.

Additional Information

Vowel teams included:
ay, ai, ee, ea, oe, ow, oa, ue, ui, igh, ie, oo, ar, er, ir, or, ur, oy, oi

Decodable Readers:
Our vowel teams or vowel pairs decodable readers are designed to help beginning readers build confidence and fluency. The books are also designed to help students with decoding and blending words with vowel teams/vowel pairs.The books are differentiated with 2 levels for each vowel team. There is a book with a simple sentence and a second book with a more challenging sentence. Each version contains decodable words so students can practice their decoding skills Each version is available in color and black-line. Also included in each book is a writing page so students can write the words with vowel teams.

Day 1 – You’ll start with the famous circle maps/chart! Students will brainstorm words for the vowel teams pattern while the teacher draws the picture to represent the words the students come up with.

After circle map/chart students will do some independent work to read vowel team words and match the words to the pictures.

Day 2 – You will work on building words and reading vowel team words & understanding how the vowel teams work. After you build and read the words, the students will write the words independently.

Circle Map

Vowel Teams Bootcamp - Circle Map